Carse Services Limited


Established in 2008 Carse Services can offer a range of both quality and cost effective consultancy services from:

- Completion design and deployment.
- Onshore planning and equipment preparation.
- Offshore supervision.
- Compliance with HSE polices & local legislation.
- Cost control and AFE management.
- Accurate and comprehensive job reporting (Landmark or Wellview).
- The use of continuous improvement techniques.
- End of well reporting and AAR follow up.
- Inventory management, strategy and reconciliation.
- Sub-sea, Jack-up, Platform or land based operations.
- Extensive Deep Water Completions and Interventions expertise +12 years.
- HWO operations as Wellsite leader.

These services are offered by a highly motivated/educated consultant with over +20 years experience in a variety of oil field locations:

- Gulf of Mexico (4,300ft & 6,300ft Water depth).
- Liverpool Bay.
- North Sea & West of Shetland.
- Germany.
- Holland.
- Western Australia (2,700ft Water depth).
- Mauritania.


Contact: John Joss

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